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What is VW PR-code (production code)?

PR-code consists of three characters which might be letters or numbers (e.g. 1LJ or T59).
PR-codes are used by VAG group to identify equipment of a particular car. Some PR-codes identify a type of engine installed on a car, some codes identify a color of interior trims, some codes identify a type of brakes a car equipped with. The main idea behind PR-codes is if VW offers some options you can customize when you buy a car then your choices will be encoded with PR-codes.
Some parts require additional identification, because you don't want to buy brake pads for drum brakes if your car is equipped with disk brakes. That's where PR-codes come to help you. You can easily identify which part fits your Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda or Audi. When you're browsing parts catalog just check if a part has PR-codes restriction. If a part fits only cars with specific PR-codes, just check that your car has at least one of them. Bay the way, if a part doesn't have PR-codes restriction it fits your car anyway.

Where I can find PR-codes?

PR-codes printed out on stickers with other car's technical details such as VIN code, engine code, paint code.
One of these stickers you can find on first pages of your service book. Another sticker is usually placed in the trunk under the carpet. One sticker might be located somewhere near the fuse box.
Stickers might look different but PR-codes table usually looks like this:
Volkswagen, Seat, Škoda or Audi PR (production) codes and option codes

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